The Warabe – Girls Dance Company / Kowarabe – Children’s Dance Company

The Warabe Girls Dance Company was founded in 2000, and the Kowarabe Children's Dance Company was founded in 2011.
The idea started from a simple thought, the desire to develop high-quality top talent out of Kumamoto to carry Japanese cultural traditions.
The wonderful thing is that these children have taken my message to heart and, though they are still young, they feel that they want to do something for the future of Kumamoto. They have taken this idea and used it to fuel the passion they put into their learning.
It's important for me to have the children retain the kind of movements and expressions that only kids can make. It is these movements and expressions that bring people joy and make their performances so loveable.
With the opening of the Shinkansen line through Kumamoto, and its official designation as one of Japan's major cities, a higher level of diverse cultural output is expected. These children are going to be a big part of meeting those expectations.
Currently, our dance companies are in high demand as we hold over 150 performances a year at various events in and outside of Kumamoto. We’ve also traveled overseas for performances in places like Seoul, South Korea and Shanghai, China.
With a foundation steeped in local history, culture, and entertainment, we hope to explore and expand the potential of the traditional arts for the future of Kumamoto.

Kasei Nakamura

Director Profile

Hatsumi Koga, Founder and Chairman of HANAWARABE Dance Company Foundation
Tsukibana Mizuho, Headmaster of Mizuho School of Japan Contemporary Dance
Kasei Nakamura, Director of Nakamura School of Musical Accompanied Dance Performance
A woman of varied talents who is an accomplished dancer as well as accompanist.

HANAWARABE Dance Company Foundation

Main Office:
1-4-55 Rendaiji, Nishi-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto
Areas for private home instruction:
Yamaga, Kikuchi, Hitoyoshi, Minami-Aso (Kugino),
Suizenji, Kawashiri, etc.
We perform at ceremonial, seasonal and other events all year round.
Please contact us for booking or more information.